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About LaVey...

For over a decade, Janine Cali has been on top of her game doing hair in Las Vegas. Incorporating the glamour of the Strip in with her New York cosmopolitan roots, Janine prides herself on being a stylist to the Starsand then some. She has worked on celebrity clients such as Heather Locklear, Alyssa Milano, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Sharon Stone and Lionel Richie, to name a few.

Expanding her creative range even further, Janine has set out to provide the most one-on-one customized service to Las Vegas locals and tourists with a flavor for fabulous styling. Sharing her admiration of Old Hollywood Glamour with her partner, Lavey Ortiz, Janine’s professional eye for beauty makes any client feel like a glamourous VIP. Whether the event is formal, avant garde, or a simple Vegas night out on the town, Janine is sure to make her mark with a perfect hairstyle and service

Celebrities love her, Owner of Your Beauty Call and favorite of the Kardashians, LaVey Ortiz has quickly become the most sought-after celebrity makeup artist in Las Vegas.

“LaVey is artistically the most talented make-up artist I’ve ever known,” says Michael Boychuck of Color Salon. “She treats every face like a canvas, and makes it a work of art”.

After a decade of working in five star salons like Color, Kim Vo, Christophe, Canyon Ranch, and Salon Bellagio, LaVey became so in-demand that she decided to stretch her talent beyond studio walls. With the creation of Your Beauty Call, LaVey specializes in delivering personalized service to clients in the comfort of their own space. She conducts business everywhere from the set of Keeping up with the Kardashians and Holly’s World to the MTV Music Awards and Grammy’s. She’s dazzled the faces of Pussycat Dolls, Paris Hilton, Kelly Osbourne, Mario Lopez, and Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole, to name a few.

“I’ve had my makeup done thousands of times by hundreds of different people, and no one makes me look as good as LaVey,” says Jayde Nicole. “She always listens to what I want and does it perfect and quickly. She is simply the best!”

But her client scope doesn’t stop there. LaVey also makes everyday people feel like celebrities. Her artistry among brides, maternity, fashion models, and fitness gurus makes for one stunning portfolio. With untouchable work that screams perfection, LaVey’s in it for the long haul.

“In the next 10 years I plan to expand Your Beauty Call, launch my own lash line, and continue writing my beauty blog.”

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